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SmArt Basel

BNY Mellon Wealth Management

TBWA Chiat Day NY

Motion Designer,
Case Study Film Editor

C4D, Arnold Renderer, AE  

Wood Pencil 
Crafts for Design /  Typography for Design

Typography / Dynamic / In Motion

Brand & Communication Design / Promotional / Digital Communications - Series

BNY Mellon is a worldwide banking and financial services holding company headquartered in New York City. Every day BNY analyze thousands of data points to help their clients make better investments. This year, BNY decided to show up at Art Basel in Miami. But with UBS boxing them out as the official sponsor, BNY had to get smart. We created SmArt Basel, a digital and social campaign that run over Art Basel in Miami. BNY crunched the data behind the art and served it up to their clients on social media platforms (where surprisingly 51% of collectors go to discover new artists). 

We worked with one of the worlds leading typographers to design a unique set of artful and branded numbers. The set of numbers were created in 3D and each character was given its own unique animation style which allowed us to generate posts in realtime and becuase the statistcis were different everytime each post was unique. We then posted data visualization art and Instagram trivia using new polls in real time. Disguising data as art.

With a limited budget and UBS as the title sponsor, BNY Mellon needed a way to get art aficionado’s attention. With  zero media buy we saw a 10% increase in Instagram followers over the course of the campaign, 20,000 engagements in Twitter polls alone, the average engagement per post on Instagram increased by 56% all of which led to 600,000+ impressions on social media.

My role in the project was crafting an elegant set of animated numbers with the amazing typography designer, Alex Trochut. And to document the project, I also edited a case study film which was embedded at the end of this page. Hope you will enjoy it. ︎

Platform: Instagram (in just first 3 days)

10% Increase of instagram followers
56% Increase in engagement rate on instagram post

600,000+ impressions on social media

Platform: Twitter (in just first 3 days)

20,000 engagements in Twitter polls alone

Social Media Platforms Demo (Web/Mobile):

Case Study Film:

Animation Process in C4D: